What stage is the project at?

It is difficult to clearly define the current status of the project in a few words. If all the elements of the project and their state were summarized, the project is in the testing phase of the first stable update.

Below you can find out which tasks are currently being worked on and their completion status. If you are also interested in what has been done so far, there is also a list of previously completed tasks below.

Currently performed tasks

Project transformation to OpenSource

20 December 2021

Preparation of automation scripts
MinecraftPlus client engine and server repository transformation
CraftBukkitPlus server engine repository transformation
SpigotPlus Server Engine Repository transformation
Preparation of documentation, manuals, files README
Placing projects on GitHub

Developing a large-scale project like MC+ takes an enormous amount of time. The current form of the project does not allow it to be made available to the public for wider collaboration. For this reason, no one can use the solutions offered or support the development of the project.

After the full transformation of the project, each of its components will be provided with appropriate manuals, guidelines on how to develop the project and will be available in the MinecraftPlus repository on GitHub.com.

Earlier activities

SpigotPlus v0.0.2 Cannon Update

1 December 2021 ~ 1 April 2021

The changes from MC+ v0.0.2 - including the updated Cannon Update - will be added to the SpigotPlus engine.

Adding mortars in Cannon Update

1 December 2021 ~ 15 April 2021

Cannon Update V2

The update will be completed with, among others. o mortars that are an alternative to cannons and variants of the gun execution in all types of boards.

SpigotAPI integration in Cannon Update

30 October 2020 ~ 6 April 2021

The SpigotPlus engine will be updated with the changes added in the Cannon Update. In this way, it will be possible to run the server containing the added cannons with simultaneous support for plugins.

Spigot Mapping

30 October 2020 ~ 10 November 2020

"Ah shit, here we go again"

As with the CraftBukkit patches, you need to map the changes to the appropriate nomenclature to integrate them into MC+.

SpigotAPI integration in Zero Update

30 October 2020 ~ 3 April 2021

Basic BukkitAPI is currently not enough, most of the plugins currently in use require installation on SpigotAPI based servers.

The changes from the Spigot project, which is an extension of the CraftBukkit project, will be implemented into the server engine. The result will be the server engine - SpigotPlus, based on the Spigot API.

Cannon Update

30 July 2020 ~ 29 October 2020


In order to present the unlimited possibilities of the project, collect feedback from the community and test the interest, a demonstration modification of Cannon Update will be made available first, adding cannons and cannonballs to the game. The modification is supposed to be a solution to the unsightly realization of "cannons" by means of TNT.

CraftBukkitPlus 0.0.1 Zero Update Fixes

10 July 2020 ~ 20 July 2021

Integration of changes with CraftBukkit after release requires a series of tests on a test server. Bugs and comments should be reported here.

BukkitAPI integration in Zero Update

5 June 2020 ~ 10 July 2020

An important step will be to integrate the changes from the CraftBukkit project with the basic version of MC+. This will allow you to get a working release, without any changes to the original version of the game, with the ability to run plugins based on Bukkit API.

Bukkit Name Mapping

3 May 2020 ~ 30 May 2020

Minecraft supplied by the manufacturer (.jar archives) by default are darkened and decompiled code requires conversion to friendly nomenclature using mapping files. Since version 1.14.4 Mojang has its own name mapping and this is used in the MC+ project code.

The problem is that the Bukkit team adopted their own nomenclature when starting work on the project (and it is maintained in Spigot and Paper) classes and all the rest. To conveniently combine the changes made to the CraftBukkit project, the patches provided in it must be transferred to the appropriate nomenclature.

Zero Update

28 March 2020 ~ 1 June 2020

Something that will work now

Building the first working release, devoid of any changes to the original version of the game and based on the prepared source code. This will make it easier to test the correct operation of the "bare" MC+, as it will behave exactly like the original.

Project start

15 March 2020 ~ 30 April 2020

We have to start somewhere

The first steps before releasing the project to the public will consist in completing the source code of all components and combining them into a complete system.