Knowledge Update - knowledge is the key of powers

The update is responsible for providing a character development system that has always been missing when playing on RPG servers.

Skill system - reverse achievement system

The original version of the game provides a built-in player achievement system. Achievements are unlocked as the player is active while performing various activities. The update reverses this system - the player must acquire specific skills to be able to perform related activities or, in the case of simple activities, to be able to do them well, without flaws.

An example of such a simple skill is logging - a player whose character does not have the skill will have problems with maintaining the ax. It will just fall out of his hands, or he will hurt himself with it.

Skill tree

Currently not available due to the lack of a specific study. Skill Tree Branches:

Skills acquisition

Acquiring skills "from scratch" will be a process that will require planning for the character's future.

Skill Levels

The mere acquisition of a specific skill is not the end of the upgrade options. The acquired skills can be improved to a higher level, resulting in a better performance of the character in a given field.

Again with the example of the lumberjack - a lumberjack with a high harvesting skill can hit the ax better accordingly and have a chance to get more wood (similar to the 'luck' enchant).

Books of Knowledge

The last component of the update is adding to books the possibility of storing and transferring knowledge, i.e. skills acquired by a character.

Acquisition of books

The ways of obtaining books of knowledge can be different - buying from an NPC, finding them in chests or simply stealing. There are plenty of possibilities.

The player will also be able to create such books himself to pass his knowledge to others. Of course, after meeting the appropriate conditions regarding e.g. intelligence and acquiring the ability to transfer knowledge.

You could say that books of knowledge are a very similar solution to enchanted books.

Reading books

After reading the book of knowledge, the player acquires a skill for his character or increases its statistics by what the book concerns. Each book will have an appropriate vitality, which decreases with each reading, and after which it is exceeded it will be destroyed.

When you find an old dusty book, be very careful with it! Otherwise all valuable knowledge will be lost...

Of course, it is impossible to jump to the hero from scratch... Reading books with very advanced knowledge by players whose character is at a low level will only result in the fact that they will not understand anything from this book.

Advantages of modification

Dependencies with other modifications